Deluxe Pedicures

What do our Deluxe Pedicures include?

Our deluxe pedicures are our most luxurious option when it comes to our pedicure choices. We offer a variety of products, all which have been carefully selected to ensure we are using the absolute best products on the market. Each Deluxe Pedicure will include the following and more:

  • a special mineral soak
  • exfoliating sugar scrub
  • a hydrating mask
  • ten minute massage






Nu Skin

5 steps: Herbal Mineral Bath, Liquid Body Lufra, Epoch Firewalker Foot Cream, Epoch Sole Solution, Epoch Baobab Body Butter

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BCL Organics

This certified organic product contains the highest quality Moroccan Argan Oil. It is nature’s purest, most highly bio-active ingredients in a revolutionary approach to skincare.

What is Argan Oil?

Me Bath!

Choose from three of our sensual bath bombs: Hawaiin Lei, Strawberry- Kiwi, and Lavendar. Fizzle your way into relaxation!

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Jelly Pedi

Comes with a choice of authentc Pearl Powder, Chamomile, Lavender, or Aloe Vera. All these Jelly Pedi products are 100% all natural and include a 6-step process to rejuvanate and rehydrate your skin.

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