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 Acrylic nails have been a staple in the beauty industry for years, and this staying power is contributed by its on going popularity.  By applying a liquid monomer and a powder polymer, this combination creates a hard protective layer over your natural nails, allowing for stronger, longer nails. When this acrylic hardens, it provides a perfect canvas for applying any color or shape.


A manicure is a luxurious beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands that results in clean, soft and perfectly-polished nails. Both men and women get manicure treatments in salons and spas – not simply to keep their hands looking their best, but as a fun and inexpensive way to pamper themselves.

The first part of your manicure will involve cleaning, cutting and shaping your nails. Old nail polish will be removed, your nails will be cut and shaped and the surface of your nails will be smoothed out with a buffer. Your cuticles will also get a little TLC…first by softening them with a bit of cuticle oil and then by pushing them back . Finally you'll be getting a massage with our lavender/ jijoba lotion. It contains aloe vera, vitamin A & E, all natural ingredients that will leave your skin smooth and glowing.




  Natural Nails
  Manicure $15
  Signature Manicure (Sugar Scrub + Hot Oil) $25
  Hot Stone Manicure $25
  Hot Oil Manicure* $20
  Gel Polish + Manicure* $35
  Gel Polish + Manicure + French* $40
  Gel Polish Change $25
  Gel Polish Change French $30
  Full Set Regular Acrylic* $28
  Full Set White Tips $35
  Stiletto/Coffin Shape* $35
  Pink & White* $50
  Curve Tip $35
  Glitter Powder $45
  Hard Gel IBD $50
  Hard Gel IBD Pink & White $60
  Color Tip $35
  Full Set silk $45
  Full Set Crystal Clear Tip $30
  Full set U Vogue Gel Glitter $48
  Overlay Natural Nails $28
  Regular Acrylics* $20
  Pink Powder* $20
  Glitter Powder $25
  Pink & White Back Fill* $35
  Silk $30
  Crystal $25
  Hard Gel IBD $30
  IBD Pink & White $45

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