Why wax?

Waxing is a very effective form of hair removal. Rather than removing hair at the skins surface, waxing allows us to remove hair at the root, allowing you to enjoy weeks rather than days of incredibly smooth skin.

 Not only does regular waxing help you maintain your sexy smooth self, it also weakens the hair follicle allowing finer hair to regrow, and in some cases preventing regrowth all together.



  Women Eyebrows   $12
  Men Eyebrows   $15
  Chin   $8
  Lips   $8
  Cheeks   $10
  Side Burns   $10
  Full Face   $35
  Ears   $10
  Nostrils   $10
  Underarm   $18
  Full Arms   $35
  Half Arms   $25
  Mens chest   $35
  Back Full   $60
  Back Half   $30
  Stomach   $20
  Basic Bikini   $30
  Brazilian Bikini   $50
  Hands & Fingers   $15
  Feet & Toes   $15
  Legs Full (includes feet)   $60
  Legs Upper   $40
  Legs Lower   $30
  Full Leg & Bikini   $80
  Full Leg + Brazilian Combo   $100
  Eye brow Tinting   $15

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